The City of Homes.

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Now the home of the most affordable heating oil in the region.

"Welcome Home"

With over sixty years of experience, we will guarantee to keep you warm.
Welcome home, your oil is in your tank. Turn up the thermostat and be comfortable.

When purchasing heating oil on our website please agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • We are an online heating oil supplier. All orders must be made online.
  • All contact will be online by email.
  • If paying by cash someone must be home to pay the driver.
  • Refunds will incur a 5% processing fee. Please order accurately.
  • Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your delivery. Deliveries may be delayed due to weather, no electricity situations, equipment failure, employee illness and any other unmentioned situations that may occur. We will make your delivery as soon as possible.
  • All tanks must be inspected on your first delivery.
  • We are responsible for the delivery of oil to the receiving pipe or outlet designated by the customer. Customer acknowledges and agrees that neither the company, nor its employees, are or shall be liable for any circumstances for any damage resulting from leaks or for the failure of the receiving tank or associated piping, or any other matter.
  • SERVICE: We do not offer service calls or service work through our website.
    *If you do not have heat and your tank is empty you will need your oil burner primed. You must specify this on your order. There is a $30 fee to prime the burner.